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About CheT

The concept of CheT is founded on the idea of providing a tool which helps to improve the quality of a text. The quality of a text depends not only on the correct use of grammar and tenses, but also on the expressions the author choose to explain a certain fact. Therefore, the context referred to is as important as the audience the text is written for.

In English, many words and phrases have at least a second meaning. It is not so simple to pick the expression which is most suitable for a particular case. The expression may be right or wrong unless it has been checked. The set of alternative words for an expression can be divided into many categories. One swear category is the synonym. CheT has been designed to find synonyms for nomens. Unfortunately, the process of identifying useful alternative words is complicated. In consequence, other categories of alternative words are not supported, yet.

CheT uses a large database for looking up a single word. The database contains references to the appropiate alternatives, and the context these alternatives can be used in. So the user can see whether a synonym exists and if so, in which context it ought to be used.

How does CheT work

CheT consists of two main parts: a front end and a back end. A number of PHP scripts constitute the front end. They allow the user to interact with the database. The query entered is sent to the WordNet database. The database works in background. Finally, the result is presented on the screen.

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